Our History

Establishment of our faculty

Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Education was established as the seventh faculty within the university by taking part in the list published in the Official Gazette dated 23 September 1998 and numbered 23472, as an annex to the decree numbered 98/11641 dated 12.08.1998. Establishment of departments and departments. It was opened at the meeting of the Council of Higher Education on 02.02.1999 in accordance with the decision taken by the University Senate upon the proposal of the Faculty of Education on 06.01.1999;  upon the proposal of our Faculty on 29.12.1999, in accordance with the decision taken by the University Senate, the new departments that are planned to be opened in the Faculty; it was opened at the Executive Board meeting of the Council of Higher Education on 25.01.2000. Our faculty, which includes different departments and departments since its establishment continues its activities with seven departments and fourteen departments.  



Professor Dr. Necat A. AKGÜN (1999 - 2001)

Professor Dr. Naci EKEM (12.11.2001 - 09.12.2007)

Professor Dr. Mehmet ŞİŞMAN (10.12.2007 - 06.03.2012)

Professor Dr. Selahattin TURAN (11.04.2012 - 04.08.2016)

Professor Dr. Alparslan BİRDANE (Acting Dean) (04.08.2016-31.10.2016)

Professor Dr. Cemil YÜCEL (Dean) (31.10.2016- 29.06.2018)

Professor Dr. Prof. Dr. Kemal ŞENOCAK (Acting Dean) (29.06.2018-20.08.2018)

Professor Dr. Kamil ÇOLAK (Acting Dean) (20.08.2018-31.01.2019)

Professor Dr. Özden TEZEL (31.01.2019-present)