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General Information

About Faculty

Founded in 1998, our faculty carries educational services under seven departments and fourteen departments connected to these departments.

As of the 2018-2019 academic year; there are fourteen professors, eleven associate professors, thirty-one doctoral lecturers, one lecturer, twenty-six research assistants, and twenty-six administrative staff. It is aimed to educate a total of 2796 students in our faculty as qualified and well-equipped teacher candidates. Prospective teachers are given four-year undergraduate education in the related departments of the faculty.

In our faculty, there are fifteen classrooms with six interactive boards, two science labs, two computer labs, two meeting rooms, one video conference room, one individual consultancy room, 1 group consultation room, one drama room, one internet/study room, and one conference. 

There is a lounge.Providing teacher candidates the ability to teach in the classroom and at the instructional level in the area where they will be teachers and enabling them to teach a specific lesson or lessons in a planned way; the teaching practice, which is a course in which discussion and evaluation of application activities, is carried out in schools affiliated to the Directorate of National Education and within the scope of Faculty - School cooperation.


Objectives of the Faculty

The main aim of our faculty is to train qualified teachers who can work on national and international platforms. 

When the prospective teachers start their profession, they;
have advanced theoretical, methodological and factual knowledge in his / her field,
Have knowledge of the curriculum and pedagogical knowledge of the field,
Plan the education and training processes effectively,
Facilitate a quality environment and develop materials,
Have national, spiritual and universal values embedded,
Have the ability to use the Turkish language correctly,
Equipped with the subjects of Turkish language and culture,
Develop critical and original thinking, research and problem-solving skills,
It aims to educate teachers as teachers who can use information technologies effectively in all areas of life.


Faculty Programs
Undergraduate programs that are being implemented in the Faculties of Education have been updated for the 2018-2019 academic year.  In line with the updated programs in our faculty; field knowledge, professional knowledge, and general culture courses are delivered. In addition to the academic education and training, scientific, social and cultural activities are also included in the faculty in order to enable prospective teachers to develop their interest in. In addition, support is provided for graduate studies in the field of educational sciences and teacher training in our faculty.


The faculty has the following teaching programs:


Computer Education and Instructional Technology

Science Teacher Training

Primary Mathematics Education

English Teacher Training

Pre-school Teaching

Special Education Needs

Guidance Psychological Counseling

Classroom Teaching

Social Studies Teacher Training

Turkish Language Teaching [Currently not available)]