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The main purpose of the Faculty of Education is to educate superior pre- service teachers can serve in Turkey and different countries and cultures. Depending upon this purpose, general qualifications that pre- service teachers are expected to have are as follows: Being teachers;

  • who have superior human and professional values,
  • who have abilities to speak Turkish correctly,
  • whose skills of critical and original thinking, study and problem solving are developed,
  • who desire to serve to humanity and the society which they live in,
  • who actively use information technologies in every field of life,
  • who is leaders with full of student love.


Social and cultural activities are included in our faculty to train students ambidextrously in addition to field information and professional knowledge courses. Besides educational sciences,  and postgraduate teacher education studies, pre-service teachers are educated in departments stated as follows:

  • Educational Sciences
  • Computer and Instructional Technologies Education
  • Elementary Science Education
  • Elementary Mathematics Education
  • Primary School Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Counseling and School Psychology 
  • Special Education
  • English Language Teaching